We are nearing a 50% mark on our principle photography. I am begining to edit the feature now, and a trailer (soon to be released). We recently recruited the insanly talented John Pope, to help with the remaining principle photography. He is a fan of Derek’s and him and I go back 5 years at least. Makes me feel old saying that…

Anyways, below you will find some stills from production. Hope you guys enjoy taking a peek behind the curtain and seeing the wizard.

It was an amazing experience filming this feature. I met so many incredible people, and many of them are now friends.  I want to thank everyone involved and I am very excited to get everything out to you guys in the near future. I also want to send a special thanks to John Pope for helping me out and shooting the rest of this film. As well as a big hug to Sergio Salgado, and Ben Stockton for putting up with my directing bulls**t for two weeks.

Thanks all!