So I started on post production 2 weeks ago in tandem with John Pope finishing the last 40% of our shooting in Cleveland. He got some killer stuff. Excited to throw it into the edit.


John Pope bringing out the big guns for a crane shot.

My process is pretty straight forward. Transcode and log footage, label, organize. I organize by time and place first, then I cut down selects from each instance or event. As an example; Derek_StudioNight_BROLL-Selects was formed as a sequence, then cut down to usable clips for tight editing. I do this with every scene, every interview and every clip. Sounds tedious but saves a ton of time when editing.


Organizational Structure – Interviews

This hierarchy is also reflected in my hard disk. I also save projects by date, in case of any unforeseen corruption or disturbance.


Organizing B Roll – As you can see I keep things super tight

As far as storytelling in the edit goes, I’ve decided to structure it in a linear fashion and then cut out the fat in a few passes afterwards. Helps me keep things tight and consise. The biggest issue so far has been waiting for footage from John and music from our composers to help tell a bigger story. I feel like I’ve done a good job of structuring a story with what I have, but in order to really finesse everything i’ll need final assets.


Just a taste of the hour long edit so far. Aiming for 1:30-40

As you can see we are making real progress. John has mailed me a HD with his footage from the past few weeks. Excited to get that in the edit and make things feel more complete.

Coat of Arms has started conceptualizing the graphics for the intro titles. John shot all of the title sequence frames last week. Definitely going to be very interesting seeing as how their worlds and skill-sets will collide in one uniform piece.


Here’s a taste


We are using Derek’s actual (horrible) handwriting for the title credits. (it’s an artist thing…)

Over all I am very excited to where this project is going. The sketch is starting to take form into a finished piece of art and I am beyond excited.