“Forced Perspective” took home the gold in the “Local Heroes” category.

We are humbled and honored to have been awarded the “Local Heroesaward at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Read about it here, and here.


Art Museum Screening / Introduction By Bill and Patrick from CIFF.

We were honored just to screen at the 2015 Cleveland International Film Festival. Thank you all who came out to the two screenings, which were packed to the walls both nights. As a filmmaker, you hope that people feel the same way about what you are making as you do. Last night was a perfectly synced example of what you hope for in a crowd/film relationship. I was thrilled to see that the film affected the fans the same way Derek’s art does.


QA after our screening at the Cleveland Museum Of Art.

What an incredible experience. To everyone involved at CIFF, and everyone who made this film possible, we thank you all so much. Stay tuned for more announcements!